Furniture selection is an integral part of any great design. A designer needs to have a full understanding of the purpose, scope, what sort of picture it needs to depict, and many other factors. Our team will consider all those factors, and choose from a multitude of combinations the right furnishings for the purpose. AICELS Interior Design has simplified the furniture selection process by pre-selecting pieces that complement each other in both uniqueness and style. We work in close coordination with you to find that perfect piece, or a house full of furniture, making sure your money and time isn’t wasted. Working with a diversity of customers has provided us a better understanding of the practicalities of furniture selection, as well as ensuring that it looks fantastic in your space!

As expert Plano Interior Designers, we have a thorough knowledge of the best designs and styles available. We also have long-established partnerships with several leading fabric houses and furniture manufacturers to enable your envisioned piece to be customized to your personal and interior specifications. If you have a home in Plano, TX that you want to bring up to date with fine-looking furniture, you’re going to love our exquisite pieces. At AICELS, we understand that you want beauty as well as value for your investment, so we go all-out to provide superior quality home interior furnishings and other premium grade products available.

This is no simple task. We take all the variations available on the market and create a straightforward presentation, and explain how all the elements go together and why we have chosen these solutions for your custom design. When available, we also offer a cost-plus system for the procurement of pieces such as furniture. This allows you to buy interior decor at a lower price.

To commence with your furniture selection or interior design project, the initial step is to schedule an on-site professional Interior Design Consultation. This preliminary discussion, which usually runs for 1-2 hrs, allows us to create a personalized interior design approach to your project and provide you some expert recommendations on the right path to take. After the preliminary Interior Design Consultation, we can then prepare a contract for us to accomplish your project.

We proudly offer professional interior design services at a competitive price. Our design consultants are fully trained in all aspects of the job and highly knowledgeable on our entire product lineup. When planning furniture for a whole room, or an entire home, it’s essential to ensure that pieces are dimensioned correctly and blend well together. Our most qualified designers will work out a practical and beautiful space and furniture plan to suit all of your furnishing requirements. They will also present options for lighting, art, and other fixtures to finish off the look.