Color is one of the most effortless approaches to change a space instantly, yet selecting the right shades can be troublesome for many people. Artificial and natural lighting, flooring, furnishings, art, and many other elements can affect the way a color looks in a space. A specific color can look one way in one room, but entirely different in other space. Color can lower or raise ceilings and make a space feel smaller or larger. Value and intensity can play a significant role in the choice of right colors, too. Traditions and trends are important to be aware of, yet can’t be the only impetus in the selection of a correct color for a specific space. The choice of color is important to coordinate with adjacent areas or existing elements.

One of the many challenging tasks that a lot of homeowners face is selecting the most suitable paint colors for their interiors. The color in your home can affect your mood, productivity, and sense of well-being. Color stimulates emotional responses and profoundly affects the way a person feels, thinks and lives. It has a psychological and biological influence on the frame of mind and more. For instance, it is known that people feel calmer and more engaged in milder green and blue rooms. Soft oranges and yellows are comforting and cheerful. Brown can relieve fatigue and irritability. Several other colors can have subliminal affects too. Likewise, certain people have adversities to colors from their past, and we help determine that in our initial consultation. We want our clients to enjoy and feel good about their surroundings.

AICELS Interior Design specializes in helping you determine the correct paint colors that will make your home look and feel on-trend, cohesive, and completely YOU. If you need help deciding on the proper paint colors for your home, a complete interior design plan, or a full re-design of your existing space, AICELS Interior Design can absolutely transform the way you live. Your home can become both functional and attractive while complementing your style and personality. You will learn to incorporate what you value and love into a cohesive look with a life-changing design plan for your home and the correct backdrop of paint colors.

We have a long-established partnership with most leading paint brands, such as Dunn Edwards, Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, Benjamin Moore, and can work with other brands you prefer. We can also utilize full spectrum paint lines tool, such as Donald Kauffman and Ellen Kennon. We have larger professional swatches, besides using the paint decks, that aid in choosing the right colors for your home. We can also order large 8×11 free paper samples from leading paint dealers if necessary.

If you are thinking about breathing new life into your home and are in need of assistance for interior design in Plano, feel free to contact us anytime. We would be delighted to help you achieve your interior design objectives and goals. Contact us today to get started!